Monday, September 21, 2015

Wait, What!?

Two weeks ago I gave birth to my seventh child! Now Jim and I have 8 children together! That was a wish of mine as a girl, to have at least 8 kids. And now that it is reality all I can say is Wait! what!? Where did all the time go? How did our family become so many? How did our kids get so big? I've been a wife and mom for almost a decade now, but too often more of a witch than the kind patient one I meant to be! I want all those moments that are gone back! This time I'll treasure them more and write them down! I'll change all those times I yelled or ignored when I should have helped or hugged! I am humbled and grateful as I look at our family. God has blessed it with a brilliant  mix of personalities and I can't wait to see what Evalee will bring to the table. (So far mostly an adorable sleepiness, but she'll wake up soon enough.)
I am so grateful for families, and forgiveness, and God's plan, and Jesus Christ whose atonement can save us all if we choose to follow him. I am grateful for my husband, for each of our children, and now for little Evalee! I think my heart will burst with joy, I love them all so much!  Her birth has inspired me to do better.  I see now there is no time to waste when raising kids, because suddenly they will be grown and gone. I am looking forward to the next decade of my life with these guys (and girls!)...hopefully I can do better ...either way it's going to be great!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ten things

My sister just nominated me for the Sunshine blog award! What a joke seeing as I never blog anymore.  But I figured I might as well respond to it as not seeing as how I still want to blog I just never do, and if I post today I won't have gone an *entire* year without blogging. So here are 10 random things about me.

1. I love bright colors and colors combinations.  I decided my favorite was red several years ago, partly because I tend to prefer it over the others and partly so I'd have a simple answer to the question "What is your Favorite color?"

2. I like animals that are low maintenance and live outside.  As a kid I wanted a pet bengal tiger.

3. I love a tall, cold glass of milk.  If you want to dress it up, pour it over a bowl of broken whole wheat bread or add a few tablespoons of molasses and warm it up.  I'm sure when they talk about ambrosia they really mean milk (and maybe chocolate truffles).

4. I'm into reading non-fiction self-help type books.  As a kid I read all fiction, but lately I find myself too impatient to read fiction.  Why waste all that time reading something for sheer entertainment when I could be learning something useful?  (I know fiction is not a waste of time, but I realize at this point in my life how much I need to learn and how little time to learn it!) My most recent books read were Confronting the Myth of Self Esteem by Ester Rasband and Teaching Children Joy by Richard and Linda Eyre.

5. When going to college, I recieved a BS in Chemistry with a minor in Music.  I chose chemistry because I loved it and I was good at it.  I never could decide on a career involving chemistry because I knew the real career I wanted was to be a full-time mom and homemaker.  If I could go back I would get a degree in nutrition and herbal medicine with a minor in child psychology or educaiton.  Those would have been more helpful to my current life. 

6. I don't have a favorite pattern because I don't normally use patterns.  When I decide on something I want to sew, I am rarely patient enough to save up the money and order the pattern or drive clear to the store to buy it.  I usually try to make up the pattern myself or find a close-enough DIY tutorial on a blog somewhere.  Maybe that's why not all of my sewing projects turn out quite right.

7. Movies I could watch over and over and still love are many, but include While you were sleeping, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Just Like Heaven and lots of other feel good chick flick movies.  When I'm pregnant I find my self choosing kids movies or Disney family movies and crying at the end of most of them.  How embarassing! When I'm not pregnant I enjoy romantic comedies or other comedies that aren't too sexy if you know what I mean. 

8. My favorite number is 3.  I am the third child...the third time's a charm...three chocolates is better than one...Ender was the third child (a bad thing) and ended up saving the world (read Ender's Game)...3 is often a symbolic number.

9. Sunday is a great day of the week for lots of reasons.  It has a very consistent routine of getting up and going to church.  We usually eat easy meals like cold cereal breakfast, crockpot lunches, and snacks for dinner.  There is no pressure to clean or work on the to do list.  We often hang out with friends and family and play lots of board games.

10. I don't have a favorite flower, but one year my dear husband got me a very fancy hanging basket of red geraniums for mother's day that was amazingly beautiful.  To my everlasting regret, my black thumbs let it die :(  I really like daisies, roses, orchids, hyacinth, and memosa trees.

Well, there ya go.  Ten random things about me.  I am going to break the rules and not nominate anyone, because all my friends blogs that I follow have already been nominated.

Monday, May 16, 2011

the can't-hack-it housewife

I deliberated about the name of my blog and almost called it "the can't-hack-it housewife."
I could fill a blog bearing said name with endless tales of all my failures to keep house, raise functional children, etc.  In the end I decided it would be better to focus on the positive things in my life so I gave it a name that makes me think "wholesome and tasty".

The pitifully small pile of books I have read in the last 3 years were read in attempt to become the domestic goddess/super mom I want to be. *the last two in the pile I'm still working on...*

Unfortunately, just reading the books didn't result in instant tranformation *lame*.  I guess you have to take the principles in the books and form good habits of living by them to make it work*who knew?*  (btw--All of these books are great, and worth reading.) 

So the first habit I've chosen to work on is one I've slacked on lately--reading scriptures daily.  I especially like this promise:

“I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from
the Book of Mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by
themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great
book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell
therein. The spirit of reverence will increase, mutual
respect and consideration for each other will grow. The
spirit of contention will depart. Parents will counsel their
children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more
responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents.
Righteousness will increase. Faith, hope, and charity – the
pure love of Christ – will abound in our homes and lives,
bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness.”
~ President Marion G. Romney

  Of course, I couldn't start reading daily until I had a specific goal with detailed steps *is that OCD-ness, or just procrastination? any of you do that?* so I found this 100 page chart to read the Book of Mormon in as many days and made this document from it so I only had to print 26 pages instead of 102.

Now that I've blogged about it I think I can actually start...unless I want to cut out the pages and make them into a cute booklet first....*joking*

Friday, April 8, 2011

april fool's food

I've never been good at tricking anyone on April Fool's Day.  Sariah came home from school and told us how many kids she got to "look" with the old "your shoe's untied" trick.  I was always the one that looked!  I wanted to try something fun for the holiday that wasn't too mean to play on toddlers, so I found this idea for a fun meal.

Here's what it was supposed to look like.
Fake Spaghetti and Malt Balls
When everyone got home for the day I told them I was working on spaghetti for dinner and wanted them to go out in the pasture and start a fire for roasting marshmallows for dessert. (They had been begging for a camping trip and this would be the compromise).  With the house to myself, I used strawberry cake mix to make cupcakes then placed them upside down on small plates and piped butter cream frosting all around like spaghetti.  I topped it with strawberry ice cream syrup and chocolate truffles.  I set the table with a pot and jar of spaghetti sauce to complete the illusion.
 It might have worked except the kitchen smelled like cake and the "meatballs" looked plastic. Everyone was immediately suspicious.
 They may not have been tricked, but at least everyone cleaned their plate and enjoyed dessert first for a change.
After "dinner" we went out to the fire and had hot dogs, chips, and marshmallows for our "real" dinner. Not the healthiest meal, but it was a holiday.

 Jim used the fire as an opportunity to burn some unwanted brush, so it got a little too hot. 
After the food lost the kids' attention I broke out some glow bracelets to keep Hank from trying to walk through the fire and from trying to pick up every spark that blew out on the grass.
The only problem created by this joke was Porter asking for "that spaghetti dessert we had last year" every night for dinner for the next three days.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

plantin' taters

I love to garden.  Gardening for me is very nostalgic and gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  My house may be a mess, and my kids may outsmart me, but at least I have a garden with vegetables (hopefully) growing in it!
With rain in the forcast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday; I made sure to plant my taters on Thursday.  Jim had meetings and errands to run related to work and took Hank with him (amazing help), and luckily I had Jared to do the hard tilling for me (also amazing).
 First, I raked out and picked up a large quantity of rocks. 
Wyatt enjoyed sitting on the rocks in the wagon and throwing them back out. (Not so helpful.)
Next, I dug the furrows with a hoe because I don't have a big-wheel-furrower-thing (wishlist) like Dad did when I was little. 
The first year I planted a garden, I dug my furrows with a stick thinking "I'm so resourceful for using this stick when I don't have the right tool" *pride* only to be humbled later when I realized foolish me could have used a hoe (duh) to dig them.
Finally, I planted the taters. 
Porter wasn't too excited about picking up the rocks, but he loved putting the cut potatoes in the furrow...for about the first row.  Then he was done, and moved on to being my photographer.  He did a pretty good job, and he provided a commentary as he took them.

"Mom, I got Wyatt's picture!"
"Mommy, I got Jared's picture!"
"Mom, I got your picture!  You look so beautiful!"
(*aww* Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder on this one)
"Mom, *laughing* I got your butt!" (this one's for you, Amanda)
And of course his self-portraits.
Two of our bottle-fed baby goats followed us around as we gardened and provided entertainment.
 We were all pretty pooped at the end of the day, and my arms ached all night.  I'm sooo out of shape.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

fashionably bald

Think of the worst comb-over you ever saw.  When I was 16, I took a summer job and my boss had one that resembled this, only it went pretty much from one ear over the top to the other ear.  I guess growing up my generation saw too many of these drastic comb-overs because we've developed a comb-over phobia. Now any man who is slightly balding and has hair over 1/4" long (especially if he gels it) MUST have a comb-over.  The only solution, therefore, to allow one to be both bald and fashionable is to shave it all off and adopt the skin-head look.

(Mmmm, not bad, Bruce.) 

My husband found himself in exactly this predicament.  I thought he still had plenty of hair. I thought he looked great with his handsomely receding hair line.  I thought it was far from looking comb-over-ish...

Photo of Jim Reed

...but he didn't, and I couldn't convince him.  He actually agreed with 2 other balding friends to take the plunge together, to shave it and let it all go, and they all showed up at church together bic-ed bald.  (All but one, whose wife got him to keep his hair for a couple of weeks longer....but he has now jumped on the bandwagon.)

I was worried he wouldn't look as great bald, but I was pleasantly surprised.  My husband has a very handsome bald head!  The funny thing is how he didn't do it alone. My husband isn't one to hesitate in doing anything alone or on his own, but with this venture, he got his friends and kids to do it with him.  (One of the other guys got his boys to shave bald, too.)  It reminded me of teenage girls who can't take a bathroom break unless their friends go with them.  Some things are just more fun in numbers, I guess.
All sooo handsome!
 (The mow hawk Porter had in the last post was a baby step to going bald.  Sariah actually paid him a dollar to go with the mow hawk, and unfortunately he fell in love with it and cried when I finally shaved it off.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

craving chocolate?

Today I was attacked by a chocolate craving.  Usually I overcome said craving by eating a few green olives or a cheese stick, but (being 22 weeks pregnant) it was too strong and I was too weak.  I had spent the morning browsing recipes and planning a months worth of dinners while trying to ward off the munchies by drinking LOTS of water.  (My 3 adorable monsters trashed the living room, tore 3 pages from my bible, and dumped out a jar of cinnamon while I was thus occupied.  Lovely.)  After a late lunch of leftover pizza, the craving began.

I tried to ignore it as I put Hank and Wyatt to bed and went outside to plant a row of spinach with Porter.  The refreshing outdoor work only made the craving stronger and with not a single chocolate chip in the house I soon found my self google-ing "chocolate fix."  I found this amazing blog post and decided to fill "Porter and Mommy time" with a lesson on the letter "B" and a corelating snack of Brownies in a mug.  It was a great least the brownies were.  After I told Porter that "Bakugon" was something cool that started with "B", he decided that "Ninja" was cool and also started with "B".  A long debate later I almost had him convinced that only "Black Ninja" starts with "B" and not just "Ninja".  Almost.

Cleaning up the mess.
Patiently waiting.
Topped with ice cream and ready to eat!

(Though this is not a healthy snack, and not "real" brownies; this way you will never have to worry about eating a whole pan of brownies when the crave hits!)