Monday, September 21, 2015

Wait, What!?

Two weeks ago I gave birth to my seventh child! Now Jim and I have 8 children together! That was a wish of mine as a girl, to have at least 8 kids. And now that it is reality all I can say is Wait! what!? Where did all the time go? How did our family become so many? How did our kids get so big? I've been a wife and mom for almost a decade now, but too often more of a witch than the kind patient one I meant to be! I want all those moments that are gone back! This time I'll treasure them more and write them down! I'll change all those times I yelled or ignored when I should have helped or hugged! I am humbled and grateful as I look at our family. God has blessed it with a brilliant  mix of personalities and I can't wait to see what Evalee will bring to the table. (So far mostly an adorable sleepiness, but she'll wake up soon enough.)
I am so grateful for families, and forgiveness, and God's plan, and Jesus Christ whose atonement can save us all if we choose to follow him. I am grateful for my husband, for each of our children, and now for little Evalee! I think my heart will burst with joy, I love them all so much!  Her birth has inspired me to do better.  I see now there is no time to waste when raising kids, because suddenly they will be grown and gone. I am looking forward to the next decade of my life with these guys (and girls!)...hopefully I can do better ...either way it's going to be great!

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