Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ten things

My sister just nominated me for the Sunshine blog award! What a joke seeing as I never blog anymore.  But I figured I might as well respond to it as not seeing as how I still want to blog I just never do, and if I post today I won't have gone an *entire* year without blogging. So here are 10 random things about me.

1. I love bright colors and colors combinations.  I decided my favorite was red several years ago, partly because I tend to prefer it over the others and partly so I'd have a simple answer to the question "What is your Favorite color?"

2. I like animals that are low maintenance and live outside.  As a kid I wanted a pet bengal tiger.

3. I love a tall, cold glass of milk.  If you want to dress it up, pour it over a bowl of broken whole wheat bread or add a few tablespoons of molasses and warm it up.  I'm sure when they talk about ambrosia they really mean milk (and maybe chocolate truffles).

4. I'm into reading non-fiction self-help type books.  As a kid I read all fiction, but lately I find myself too impatient to read fiction.  Why waste all that time reading something for sheer entertainment when I could be learning something useful?  (I know fiction is not a waste of time, but I realize at this point in my life how much I need to learn and how little time to learn it!) My most recent books read were Confronting the Myth of Self Esteem by Ester Rasband and Teaching Children Joy by Richard and Linda Eyre.

5. When going to college, I recieved a BS in Chemistry with a minor in Music.  I chose chemistry because I loved it and I was good at it.  I never could decide on a career involving chemistry because I knew the real career I wanted was to be a full-time mom and homemaker.  If I could go back I would get a degree in nutrition and herbal medicine with a minor in child psychology or educaiton.  Those would have been more helpful to my current life. 

6. I don't have a favorite pattern because I don't normally use patterns.  When I decide on something I want to sew, I am rarely patient enough to save up the money and order the pattern or drive clear to the store to buy it.  I usually try to make up the pattern myself or find a close-enough DIY tutorial on a blog somewhere.  Maybe that's why not all of my sewing projects turn out quite right.

7. Movies I could watch over and over and still love are many, but include While you were sleeping, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Just Like Heaven and lots of other feel good chick flick movies.  When I'm pregnant I find my self choosing kids movies or Disney family movies and crying at the end of most of them.  How embarassing! When I'm not pregnant I enjoy romantic comedies or other comedies that aren't too sexy if you know what I mean. 

8. My favorite number is 3.  I am the third child...the third time's a charm...three chocolates is better than one...Ender was the third child (a bad thing) and ended up saving the world (read Ender's Game)...3 is often a symbolic number.

9. Sunday is a great day of the week for lots of reasons.  It has a very consistent routine of getting up and going to church.  We usually eat easy meals like cold cereal breakfast, crockpot lunches, and snacks for dinner.  There is no pressure to clean or work on the to do list.  We often hang out with friends and family and play lots of board games.

10. I don't have a favorite flower, but one year my dear husband got me a very fancy hanging basket of red geraniums for mother's day that was amazingly beautiful.  To my everlasting regret, my black thumbs let it die :(  I really like daisies, roses, orchids, hyacinth, and memosa trees.

Well, there ya go.  Ten random things about me.  I am going to break the rules and not nominate anyone, because all my friends blogs that I follow have already been nominated.